Is Love All You Need?

You may recognise the name (Heinz) Edelmann as that of the art director for the animated Beatles film ‘Yellow submarine’, featuring their song ‘All you need is love’. For us the name implies Edelmann Printing Machines GmbH and at the end of March we took delivery of one of their specialised presses: a brand new Edelmann EVO Print V43 web press.

Within two weeks, the three colour press was assembled, tested and commissioned. German engineers brought two of our printers (who had already experience with our existing Edelmann presses) up to speed on the new machine.

One of the first jobs on the Edelmann press was an order for 1 million letterheads. With the paper reel running at more than 200 metres/minute, it produced 75,000 trimmed A4 sheets per hour. A very impressive printing machine and we love it.

At Mackay and Inglis we also love our customers (well, most of the time!) but we’re sure that’s not ‘all they need’ from us. Large volume, efficient production of quality letterheads and business forms is what they really, really want and this investment will improve further on our capacity to deliver just that.

For printing and print finishing: all you need is Mackay and Inglis!